My Base Guide Endorses Steve Carter Mortgage Team Advantage as a Trusted Business for NS Mayport and NAS Jacksonville

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I’m pleased to announce that My Base Guide selected Steve Carter Mortgage Team Advantage of First Financial Florida as a preferred lender for NS Mayport and NAS Jacksonville.

Since 1956, under a contract with the Department of Defense, My Base Guide has been responsible for educating military members about local resources near bases. That includes choosing businesses that specialize in helping military members and their families.

As a trusted business and preferred lender in the Northeast Florida area, my mortgage team will be listed as a dependable resource for military members and their families seeking to purchase or refinance a home.

This is a tremendous honor and an opportunity to help Service Members take full advantage of their well-earned home lending benefits.

When contacted by the My Base Guide team, they mentioned that my decades of experience helping the military purchase homes plus my knowledge of the local market would be a benefit to Service Members seeking to relocate to the Northeast Florida area.

How I Help Military Members Take Advantage of Their Mortgage Benefits

I believe a VA loan is one of the most powerful ways qualified Service Members and Veterans can purchase a home under highly favorable terms not available to the traditional home buyer.

Unfortunately, I’ve found many service members and their families believe navigating the VA Loan process can be intimidating and confusing. Plus there’s a lot of discouraging misconceptions that convince Service Members and Veterans to seek other home buying options. Unfortunately, they could be doing themselves a huge financial disservice.

What Service Members Should Know VA Loans


No need to save money for years to make a down payment. Plus, all costs can be included in the new loan or interest rates can be adjusted so lender pays the costs.


You’ve earned VA Home Loan benefits for life, even if you’ve previously used them. We can help you “restore” your benefits to purchase another home with a VA Loan.


Use the value you’ve earned in your home to pay off debts, fund school tuition or make home improvements. We could also help you refinance a non-VA loan into a VA Loan.


If you’ve got an eye on a condominium in a VA-approved community, we can help you buy it.

Putting My Experience into Action

I recently helped a Navy Enlisted Member and his family become homeowners in Duval County. I got them loan terms best suited for their situation—saving them money and future sleepless nights. I made sure they knew exactly what they were getting into, educated them on the process and helped them avoid home purchase pitfalls.

As a My Base Guide Trusted Business, I’m looking forward to helping even more service members take advantage of their hard-earned benefits.

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