How a Mortgage Preapproval May Help You Save Thousands of Dollars when Buying a Home

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Thanks for being here. I’m excited to share with you one of the most valuable advantages anyone can use when shopping for a home.

An advantage that may:

  • Save you valuable time
  • Provide you significant bargaining powers
  • Save you thousands of dollars

That Advantage? A Mortgage Preapproval Letter.

Today, I’ll share the benefits of using this powerful negotiating tool plus:

  • How it can help you edge out other buyers bidding on that home you want
  • Why home sellers prefer offers from preapproved home buyers over prequalified ones
  • Why many local real estate agents prefer working with homebuyers who bring a preapproval letter from the Steve Carter Team

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Let’s First Imagine a House Hunting Scenario

After an extensive search, you find the perfect home on the First Coast.

That cozy living room will inspire many wonderful family memories for years.

You imagine delicious family meals prepared in that gourmet kitchen.

Next Step: You make an offer to the home seller and hope (fingers crossed) for the best.

Let’s Back Up a Moment, Did You Bring Your Advantage—A Mortgage Preapproval Letter?

A mortgage preapproval letter typically moves your offer from “hope” to a “sure thing.

It’s your Homebuyer’s Advantage that may:

Save You Thousands of Dollars

By gaining the
negotiating power similar
to a cash buyer

in the eyes of
a home seller

Show the Seller You Mean Business

By verifying
you’re a buyer ready & able to purchase, — separating you from 90 percent of competing homebuyers.

Help Your Real Estate Agent Help You

By targeting your home search based on the price range shown in your preapproval — saving you and your agent time and money.

Allow You to Act Quickly & Move Faster to Closing

By being prepared to make an immediate offer when you find a house you like.

Plus a preapproval can help speed up the remaining mortgage process.

A win for you and the home seller.

During my nearly 30 years of home lending experience in Jacksonville, the most valuable advantage I’ve shared with my clients is “get a preapproval before beginning your home search.”

That letter can make all the difference in the world for serious homebuyers who want to save time and—most significantly—money.

What’s a Mortgage Preapproval Letter?

It’s a letter you receive from a lender after you filled out a loan application and the lender verified your:

  • Credit score & history
  • Recent pay stubs
  • Your W-2s
  • Recent bank statements
  • Current assets

The letter defines a concrete loan amount the lender is willing to lend.

A preapproval letter will typically show:

  • You as the borrower
  • The name of the lender
  • Loan & downpayment amount
  • Loan terms
Home with a checkmark

Here's an Advantage You Can Use

A preapproval commands more attention than a prequalification when negotiating a deal.

It may provide you bargaining powers similarly used by cash buyers to get a better home price & generous seller concessions.

How does a preapproval differ from a prequalification?

A Prequalification Letter

  • Shows an estimated loan amount instead of a concrete amount
  • Is based on a cursory assessment of your credit and income instead of an in-depth analysis of your ability to purchase a home.
  • Is typically generated after a verbal conversation or answering a few questions on a smart phone app.

A home seller would probably be hesitant to accept your offer and take their home off the market based on a prequalification.

How a Preapproval Letter May Save You Thousands of Dollars

In the eyes of a home seller, since you’ve already been vetted by a lender—you’re about as close to a sure thing as a cash buyer.

And that gives your offer to a home seller substantial weight – a competitive advantage over most home buyers.

Consider this home offer scenario:

Homebuyer with Prequalification Letter

Puts in an offer at the home seller’s asking price.

You with a Preapproval Letter

Confidently offers the home seller $10,000 less than the asking price.

Home Seller Weighs Competing Offers

Homebuyer with Prequalification Letter

Wait for homebuyer to go through lengthy mortgage application process

Hope home buyer actually gets approved for loan amount

Take home off market for a “maybe”

You with a Preapproval Letter

You’ve already been through the mortgage application process

You’re already approved for a loan amount

Less risk of home loan being derailed going to closing

With application process completed, can move to closing quicker

Remember, Most Home Sellers Will Follow the Path of Least Resistance

That means your offer accompanied with a mortgage preapproval letter stood out, even though it’s $10k less than the asking price.


You get the house you want plus saved thousands of dollars in the process in this scenario.

If you have a moment, I’d be happy to share stories of how I’ve helped borrowers save thousands of dollars.

That’s one of my favorite topics to talk about—putting cash in the pockets of my clients. Give me a call at (904) 379-4748 to chat.

A Preapproval Letter Sets You Apart from the Crowd – A Winning Advantage in a Sellers’ Market

The real estate agents I speak with are amazed that the majority of homebuyers don’t go house hunting with a preapproved mortgage in hand.

Quite honestly, in a sellers’ market, anything you can do to stand out from the crowd will go a long way to you winning the right house at the right price.

The best way I know for home buyers to stand out is to get preapproved for a mortgage.

According to a frequently quoted statistic from a report, only 10% of homebuyers in 2016 got preapproved.

That means your preapproved letter puts you ahead of 90% of the home buyers. Eager home sellers will notice that. And that can give you leverage in the negotiating process.

A Preapproval Letter Helps Real Estate Agents Help You

The best and most experienced real estate agents I know tell me they prefer working with preapproved home buyers.

In fact, some agents will outright not show houses until their client gets preapproved.

They know you won’t be wasting their time and money: Driving around and showing houses takes time, gas and scheduling efforts between agents, buyers and home sellers.

They can search for homes and areas within your target price: That means every house you and your agent tour will be one you’re financially capable of buying. Less chance of disappointments during the house hunting process.

A Preapproved Mortgage Speeds Up the Process From Offer to Close.
That Helps to Get Keys In your Hands Quicker!

In a sellers’ market, minutes matter. The ability to act fast with a serious offer accompanied by a preapproved letter gives you and your agent an edge that can’t be ignored by the home seller.

A major advantage a preapproved mortgage brings to both the homebuyer and seller is speed to closing.

Since the loan application and initial underwriting approval is completed, all that’s required to complete the underwriting process is:

  • Property appraisal
  • Completed title review
  • Final approval

At this point, the loan becomes cleared to close. And getting the keys to your new home is now just days away.

The Advantage of Getting a Preapproval Letter from the Steve Carter Team

It’s our goal to assure success for every borrower who asks for our help to purchase a home.

We make sure you get a real mortgage preapproval letter based not only on a credit review but full verification of income, tax returns and assets.

Sure, there’s a bit of effort on the front end of the process, but the advantage is huge for you—the borrower.

  • Empowers you with a strong negotiating position that may save you money
  • Helps you search quickly for a home you’re eligible to purchase
  • Decreases risk that unforeseen bumps in the road will delay closing or derail the home purchase altogether—a disappointment you don’t deserve

I’m proud that 100% of our submitted loans close because of our diligent efforts on behalf of our borrowers. Not many lenders can make that claim.

And that gives our mortgage preapproval letters substantial weight with real estate agents and home sellers in the Jacksonville area.

That’s an advantage I’d love to put into your hands.

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